Japanese women suffering from Chikan

Chikan is a Japanese term, which refers to sexual harassment or other obscene act carried out against a victim, but also refers to a person who commits such an act.

It is a serious social problem that deserves careful attention. Although Japan is a generally safe place to live, Japanese women-only carriages on trains are not going away anytime soon.

Japanese women suffering from Chikan

The rise of ”public arrests” by YouTubers and the ability to instantly publicly shame someone on social media may have some impact in the end.

The fear of being caught is a major deterrent, but molesters can still get away with touching women (and it’s almost always men touching women) on crowded trains.

We have a video where Asagi talks about what she calls ”Japan’s never-ending question”. She tells personal stories, such as her own experience of being groped and asked to sell her used underwear.


She also made another video a while ago about being harassed in public, and even caught someone doing it:

Obviously there is no perfect country with perfect people. Human beings are full of flaws, and even a place like Japan that appears to be perfect can be quite unpleasant.

via: Tokyo Kinky