Razões pelas quais artistas JAV se recusam a trabalhar juntos

According to Aya Takanashi, a former porn star turned columnist, there are certain reasons why JAV artists refuse to work together. She revealed in an article why some artists have rules about which other artists they are willing to work with.

Reasons why JAV artists refuse to work together

In her latest column, she lists some of the main reasons why co-performers are ”banned” by certain AV stars.

Razões pelas quais artistas JAV se recusam a trabalhar juntos

Since while the audiovisual industry is flooded with thousands of female artists, the number of men who perform regularly is minuscule. If you get on one of these men’s bad side, it could seriously limit your career.

Takanashi highlights 5 main reasons, first, there is a physical incompatibility, that is, the man’s penis does not fit into the woman’s vagina. For reasons that should be obvious, this is clearly a big problem for a porn shoot.

Secondly, there are problems with odor, the artists body or breath smells bad. Considering the incredible intimacy of a porn shoot, this is no small concern.

Razões pelas quais artistas JAV se recusam a trabalhar juntos

Third, the co-executor makes thoughtless comments and is otherwise unprofessional or reckless in what he says. In short, they’re a bit idiotic. It seems that humility and consideration for others will take you far.

Fourth, rumors have spread about certain male performers attacking their co-stars, and they can end up blacklisted even from women they haven’t met before, let alone worked with.

Fifth, there is some other ”physiological” reason why they cannot work together. This is at its vaguest, but Takanashi notes that it’s not uncommon for artists to simply feel like they can’t stand working with a particular person.

Razões pelas quais artistas JAV se recusam a trabalhar juntos

She also writes that sometimes problems arise among female artists as well, which prevents them from working together.

This is not a minor problem, as numerous AV productions feature crowded (and stacked) casts of multiple female stars, so if you develop a problem with other actors, it will limit the contracts you can receive.

If you have a reputation for being difficult or demanding, directors and producers won’t hire you. Only a big star has the freedom to be demanding.

There are cases where you just have to grin and bear it and work with someone you don’t like because you need the money and/or it’s not practical, given your status, to demand a different co-worker.

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