Alleged intimate video of Idol Fuuwa Kuroda leaks online

The world of idols is truly a cruel world, on October 13th, it was announced that idol Fuuwa Kuroda from the group NMB48 would graduate, on October 26th with a concert and on November 5th as her last day as idol.

However, everything changed, as on October 28th it was announced that Kuroda would leave the group with immediate effect, she would no longer go to the events that were planned for October 29th and November 4th and 5th.

O vídeo é curto e possui apenas 2 minutos e 18 segundo e você pode assistir mais abaixo, porém, não tem como verificar se é realmente ela, muita gente acha que sim mas uma confirmação não tem como fazer.

The official reason is “health problems”, but on the internet there is speculation that the real reason is much darker. The 19-year-old idol had an intimate video of her having sex with a man leaked onto the internet.

Alleged intimate video of Idol Fuuwa Kuroda leaks online

The video is short and only 2 minutes and 18 seconds long and you can watch it below, however, there is no way to verify if it is really her, many people think so but there is no way to confirm it.

The video shows a woman who many say is idol Fuuwa Kuroda lying in bed while a man is in her. Fuuwa Kuroda joined the group NMB48 in 2020, like other idol groups, the girls in NMB48 cannot have boyfriends, so if it is really her in the video, it is the central reason for her graduation (dismissal).


Apparently, NMB48 management found out about her relationship at the beginning of the month and decided to graduate her, graduating means leaving the group. As the video had leaked, they decided to retire her soon.

Whether the video is really hers or not, the other question is how did this video get leaked, was it revenge from the man because they broke up or an accident?


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