Man arrested for paying girl to step on him

A 32 year old man was recently arrested for paying a high school girl to do something you probably wouldn’t expect, he wanted the girl to step all over him!

Man arrested for paying girl to step on him

The 32-year-old man’s name is Atsushi Yamamoto and he was employed at a company, he met the schoolgirl in a local park and said the following to her:

“I will pay you a lot of yen to step on my body,” they then got into his car where he paid her in cash. The act took place in a parking lot near a train station, around midnight on October 6th.

Man arrested for paying girl to step on him

The girl then actually stepped on Atsushi Yamamoto, who then asked her to take off her shoes and panties to which he ended up licking her leg.

This was the first time that the girl and Atsushi Yamamoto had met, the girl ended up getting involved in this through a friend, who got in touch with Atsushi Yamamoto via Instagram.

When he was initially arrested he admitted to the crime, he was arrested on October 7th for attempted kidnapping, then he was arrested again on October 25th for obscenity.

The girl was not hurt during the encounter, Atsushi Yamamoto told police he didn’t care about the girl’s age “I guessed she was young, but I didn’t care about her age.”

source Yahoo

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